The classic and soft long piece of chewing gum. It offers the same delicious and fresh taste as other gum, but in a softer format. 

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In most markets, classic sugarised sticks have been replaced with sugarfree sticks that offer the same benefits as any other sugarfree chewing gum



Flavours, sizes, shapes and colours

We develop and produce sticks in a wide range of different flavours and colours.

  • Large pieces of uncoated chewing gum, known for its soft texture and long-lasting taste
  • The pieces weigh around 2.6 g and are available in a number of different flavours and colours
  • All of our sticks are sugarfree and made with the latest technologies within flavour intensity and flavour length

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Looking for more than a standard product?

We have the necessary R&D facilities to develop customized products for you – tailor-made to fit your exact needs.

Our competences also include market insights, eye-catching packaging design and professional legal support to ensure your end product complies with consumer preferences as well as legal and industry standards.

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