Bubble gum

Bubble gum is loved by children and youngsters seeking sweet, indulgent and funny chewing gum to play with. At Gumlink Confectionery Company, we have a supply of various types of bubble gum which are all made in child-friendly flavours and with excellent bubble properties.

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possibilities in bubble gum

We supply various types of bubble gum in different shapes, colours and flavours

Bubble gum

Flavours, sizes, shapes and colours

Our assortment offers bubble gum in different sizes, shapes, colours and flavours.

  • Exellent bubble properties
  • Coated, crunchy or soft
  • Child friendly flavours
  • Eye catching colours
  • Available with natural colours and flavours

Available types of bubble gum are:

  • Small pieces of coted bubble gum in different flavors and colours to mix and match.
  • Coated mega pellets
  • Mini sticks with bubble gum texture, flavours and features

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Looking for more than a standard product?

We have the necessary R&D facilities to develop customized products for you – tailor-made to fit your exact needs.

Our competences also include market insights, eye-catching packaging design and professional legal support to ensure your end product complies with consumer preferences as well as legal and industry standards.

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