Compressed gum

Gum and mint combined in one piece.

One- or multilayer compressed gum/mint is different from any other chewing gum or mint on the market. In this product, powder is compressed into tasty chewing gum combined with a mint layer.

It feels like crunchy mint that turns into a gum.

Compressed gum is a patented combination of a mint and a chewing gum combined in one piece.

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Chewing gum and mint is combined in this innovative technology

patented compressed gum

Flavours, sizes, shapes and functionalities

We develop and produce compressed gum in a wide range of different flavours, sizes, shapes and colours:

  • Combination of gum and mint
  • Benefits in terms of taste and visual appearance
  • Large variety of shapes, colours and embossment
  • Highly suitable for functional benefits

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We can help you with a lot more than standardized products. Due to our R&D facilities we can create new products customized to fit your exact needs.

Our competences also include market insights, eye-catching packaging design and professional legal support to ensure your product complies with consumer preferences.

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