We provide a broad variety of high-quality confectionery products

We manufacture jellies, chewy candy, hard boiled candy, lollipops, liquorice and chocolate lentils. We supply all the best-selling products from the market as well as a wide range of innovative product solutions, including functional confectionery.

Chewy candy

We offer all the best-selling types of chewy candy in the market

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We have great experience in adjusting the products to match customer requests for texture, flavour and acidity

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We present a number of interesting opportunities within lollipops

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We supply a wide range of different soft candy products in various shapes, sizes, flavours, colours and jelly/foam combinations

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Hardboiled candy

We provide a variety of different bonbons in assorted flavours, sizes and colours

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Chocolate lentils

We offer a selection of chocolate lentils, consisting of compound chocolate in a crispy, sugar-coated shell

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candy packaging

Packaging options for candy

We supply a broad range of flexible packaging options and we are continuously on the lookout for new solutions.

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