Filled gum with liquid or powder filled centre

Centrefilled gum is a crunchy, coated gum with a liquid or powder filled centre. It enjoys popularity due to the exiting mouthfeel that is created when different textures and flavours are combined.

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Centrefilled gum is popular among young consumers  as it offers new and innovative combinations of tastes and textures 


Flavours, sizes, shapes and colours

We develop and produce centrefilled gum with liquid or powder filling in a wide range of different flavours, sizes, shapes and colours:

  • Multiple shapes: pillow shaped, rectangular, oval and round.
  • Real liquid or powder filling
  • Centrefilled gum offers extraordinary taste experiences, as different flavours and textures are combined in one single piece of gum
  • The combination of a crunchy outer coating and a fluid centre provides an exciting and surprising mouthfeel
  • With the possible mix of different colours and flavours, centrefilled gum is ideal for indulgence products and products with innovative combinations of different flavours.

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We have the necessary R&D facilities to develop customized products for you – tailor-made to fit your exact needs.

Our competences also include market insights, eye-catching packaging design and professional legal support to ensure your end product complies with consumer preferences as well as legal and industry standards.

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