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March 25, 2010

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our first newsletter. In these newsletters, we will be sharing information with you about our activities, bringing you all the latest products and packaging news, and telling you about our upcoming projects. We will also be giving our views on the latest market trends and industry developments, and discussing their impact on your business.


When Gumlink Confectionery Company (GCC) was established in 2009, we set a clear vision of becoming the preferred business partner within the confectionery industry: Your First Choice. With this ambition in mind, we have worked hard over the past nine months to streamline our services, extend our unique expertise in chewing gum into the confectionery category and create the best possible conditions for profitable partnerships with our customers.


The new production facilities in Turkey are now established and the relocation of machinery from Denmark to Turkey has proceeded according to plan. The start-up of chewing gum production at the new facilities has by far exceeded our expectations, thanks to careful and thorough efforts by the Danish and Turkish teams within Research & Development, Planning, Production and Quality Assurance. In fact, after analysing and blind testing the new products produced in Turkey, a professional sensory panel has concluded that the products are identical in all aspects: taste, texture, quality, etc. to those produced at our Danish facilities.

The introduction of other types of confectionery into our assortment is also well underway. By bringing our extensive category and consumer knowledge from chewing gum to the confectionery business, we have been able to optimise the product range and are now ready to offer a full-line, high-quality chewing gum and confectionery product portfolio to the market.


Though the name, production facilities and confectionery assortment are new, our focus remains the same: Based on deep understanding of the market and intensive consumer research, the Denmark-based sales & marketing efforts will help you find the best solutions to your business challenges. This is why we say that we provide a taste for business.


Best regards,

Jesper Ottzen

Director GCC

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