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June 23, 2010

Market flash

Today’s consumers are always looking for new experiences and sensations. Whether they’re watching the latest movies, travelling to exotic locations or playing the latest videogames, their appetite for something new is insatiable - and now consumers are looking to the world of food and beverages to deliver the next big thing.


Consumers are constantly seeking more pleasure, intensity and “wow” factor from products and experiences.

Now they are turning their attention to the chewing gum category, which as a result will significantly alter over the coming years. We know from consumer studies in France, Germany and USA that taste sensation is one of the primary reasons to chew gum, especially in the novelty-seeking age group of 15-24 year olds.


Here are a few examples of chewing gum products we already see in these 3 platforms:


Day & Night

Sun & Moon chewing gum

Sweet & Sour

Mix as you like! Playful concept from Cadbury

From fruit to mint

Cadbury's Shift™ is a chewing gum that changes flavour during the chew

Magic Mix

Ülkers Dubox Magic Mix Gum™. Strawberry and melon flavoured gum that can be eaten separately or combined to create a watermelon flavoured gum



Two flavours - tiwce as good?

Mentos Aqua Kiss - Strawberry & Mandarin

Chocolate goes caramel - too good to be true?

Stimorol Fusion - Chocolate & Caramel

The sensational world of Gumlink Confectionery Company

At Gumlink Confectionery Company, we are continuously looking into new ways of delivering taste sensations to our customers’ customers. Curious to experience first-hand? Please contact a member of our sales team to arrange a taste of what sensation really means.

Source: ACNielsen customer survey, May 2007; Mintel, Jun. 2010

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