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March 12, 2012

Powderfilled gum – the revitalizer

How does the industry engage with young consumers looking for excitement and great tasting chewing moments?

The first centrefilled chewing gum was launched in 2005 and this launch completely changed the chewing gum category. Fresh breath is still the most important part of chewing gum, but with the launch of centrefilled gum other elements like indulgence and the craving for a sugarfree in-between-meal-snack has become important in the mind of the consumers.

Consumers immediately embraced the idea of fusion flavours and the embedded splash effect and the category has gained in popularity in recent years. As a result, centrefilled chewing gum accounted for 13% of chewing gum sales in 2011 in Europe.


The market challenge

The chewing gum category is under pressure from the young consumers’ never-ending cravings for innovative products with the ability to bring excitement in a great-tasting way. This trend combined with a stagnating market with already high consumer penetration force the retailers to constantly put new and exciting products on the shelves. The increasingly shorter Product Life Cycle puts pressure on the retailers in order to increase product rotation and earnings per square meter of shelf.

Centrefilled gum ver. 2.0 – from splash to crunch!

Taste is still paramount in this fresh breath category – but elements like mouth feeling and extreme cool sensation are gaining in importance.


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One of the most profound product features is cool taste sensations, which rate high in the consumer’s taste preference map.

The answer to the consumer’s prayers has turned out to be powderfilled chewing gum. Powderfilled chewing gum was launched in France in the summer of 2010 and the rest Europe followed shortly after during 2010 and 2011.



Product line up

Powderfilled chewing gum looks like traditional centrefilled chewing gum, but with a powder filling instead of a liquid centre. This powder filling provides  a distinct crunchy chew and a more intensive taste experience, which are characteristics embraced by most gum chewers.

There are two lines of powderfilled gum. One range comes with Xylitol filling, with offers a sensational and cooling taste experience. The other line is with real fruit (strawberry) filling, which provides a unique mouth-watering taste sensation – a true pleasure if you love the taste of fruit.

Powderfilled chewing gum has already captured a market share of the 16% of the € 170 mill. centrefilled chewing gum category in key markets like France and the Netherlands.

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